On-Demand Streaming Video

Lightning can strike twice, you just have to know how to attract it. YouTube or Vimeo? Facebook – Native or app? FLV or MPEG? Codecs, Analytics, Mobile, Premium CDNs…Headache yet?

Don’t worry we can take care of the tech, allowing you to focus on the results.


Optimizing for delivery and results

icon_asterisk_greenWe all know just about anyone can put a video online.  But when you need the best combination of quality, flexibility, and integration the options and settings can quickly get overwhelming.

For example, did you know that YouTube alone will accept videos in 8 different file formats, but there is one that stands above the rest. In Facebook, have you thought about the pros and cons of adding a video natively vs. linking to a copy hosted elsewhere? Even if your using a premium CDN, is your audience viewing the version you painstakingly created or a lower quality transcoded version?

We can help you figure it all out.

icon_check_greenFirst things, first…..Why are you putting your video(s) online? The answer to this simple, single question will tell us most of what we need to know. From there we will work with you to walk through a number of scenarios and options to best meet your goals (you do have goals identified, don’t you?).

Every free and premium online video network has pros and cons. Some may integrate with your online properties and/or existing analytics platforms better than others. Perhaps ongoing costs or speed to market is most important.

What ever your answer is we can recommend the right platform and deliver the video…optimized for success.

icon_cogs_greenEncoding / Transcoding…our favorite part! This is when you get to kick back and let us do all the work. This can be a single 60 second promo video or  50 hour long recordings from your last conference.

Based on the video network(s) your video(s) will be posted to we’ll create a custom compression preset(s) just you: Container format, Video codec, Audio codec, Frame rate, Bitrate, Resolution….all optimized to match your specific solution/needs!

The end result is a beautifully compressed video file perfectly matched to your delivery channel.

icon_play_greenThe video just finished uploading, you’ve watched it and it looks/sounds great! All done…right? Please, don’t make this common mistake. A high quality video is only the first part of the equation.

Everyone has to find it first, this is where we can help you in optiziming it for SEO and taking advantage of all the bells and whistles available on the delivery platform(s). Let’s not forget measurement. Most video delivery networks delivery some level of analytics, but wouldn’t you prefer those stats (and often more detailed stats) be automatically fed into the web analytics platform your already using.

Video optimization is not just about compression, your video’s SEO score is often what will make the difference.