Live Event Video Production

We have the technology, tools, and experience to make sure you and your attendees don’t miss a minute. We’ll take care of all the details and capture every moment in high definition.

Every live event has different requirements, even if you have never produced a live event video before, don’t worry, we’ll be guiding you through to the wrap. We can provide you with professional live event multi camera production, stunning animation and title graphics, and peace of mind knowing that we do this all the time!

  • Conference Video Production
  • Seminars /  Road Shows
  • Annual Meetings
  • Award Ceremonies / Award Show
  • Concerts / Music Festivals
  • Fashion Shows
  • Workshops / Training events
  • Live streaming only events
  • Edutainment
  • …and virtually anything else you can think of
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Our production process

icon_calendar_greenEverything starts with pre-production. We’ll work with you or alongside existing in-house AV teams, liaise with other event organizers, vendors, and participants to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Pre-production for a typical event will start with an initial conference call (or two) to discuss the event objectives and any special needs. We prefer to conduct a walk through of the physical space the event is being hosted in within a week of the kick off call. This allows us to better plan out the production, creative camera positions, and so on. During this first visit we will also perform initial network infrastructure testing if the event is being live streamed.

At this point in the planning is when our process will adjust to the specific needs, logistics, requirements of your event. Creative development for animations, lower thirds, head/tails will begin. We’ll also nail down the post-production plans. Additional conference calls, walk throughs, and perhaps an email or two may be needed to finalize the pre-production process. But rest assured, 1 conference call or 42 emails later (what ever it takes) we’ll make sure everything is accounted for.

You never get a second take when shooting a live event, that’s why we plan everything, and then plan for the unexpected.

icon_vidcam_greenThis is what it’s all about on the big day. If you have ever been involved in producing a video before, live event production is fairly similar; lights, cameras, action!  But  with live event  come two significant differences. One, you have to be ready to adjust your plans in real time to account for unexpected. Two, you only get one take, so you have to make it count.

Our team will typically arrive a few hours to a day in advance of your event to setup, test and re-test everything. Our goal is to document and produce the event video(s) so anyone watching the live stream or the archives after the fact feels like they have the best seats in the house. But at the same time, doing so in a manner that won’t de-value the experience for everyone participating onsite. This is where our experience and expertise really pays off, knowing how to balance lighting, audio, and camera locations to produce great looking videos of the live event without sacrificing/interfering with staged expereince.

icon_cogs_greenTake a breath, your live event just wrapped. But we are not done yet, this is where all the hard work will really pay off! Lightning can strike twice, you just have to know how to attract it.

We will give you access to the information and insight from your big day to help you facilitate post-event conversations and community-building and start planting the promotional seeds for your second act, right after the curtain falls on your first. Getting your event videos online ASAP is often critical to maintaining the buzz. Our live edit production processes allow us to integrate and record the multi-camera switched program feed complete with audio, presentation content (slides for example), and any CG effects during your event. This way we can often move straight into our on-demand publishing process and start getting your content online within hours if you like. 

Ech03 has consistently provided thoughtful and reliable audio/visual, livestreaming, video capture and video editorial services. We greatly appreciate their partnership in helping gracefully produce over 40 events at various venues, with myriad technical and location scenarios.
Tim Brunelle, President, Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association
The Ech03 team is very flexible and delivers a high degree of understanding, reacting swiftly to our requests.
Tim Brunelle, President, Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association
Producing an event is like running a three-ring circus…but when you’re working with Ech03, it only feels like two. They’re the only company I’ve worked with that I trust entirely to pull their weight and pro-actively address and resolve any problems that pop up, ego-free and within budget. Do your future self a favor, and hire them.
Jennifer Kane, Kane Consulting
unreal impressed w/ #MIMA presentation frm @brandbuilder. He’s smart & this live feed is knocking my socks off. Feels like i’m in the room.
@eMehagan, (via Twitter)